Le Petit Ermite
Gîtes in Cathar country
Intuitive Painting
with guidance
Intuitive painting can bring a lot and brings up information from consciousness and subconscious mind in a different way.
Do you feel like painting intuitively at Le Petit Ermite and would you like to receive guidance, then this form of working might be something for you.

With the help of exercises I will then see with you what emerges from the paint. Together we go into depth, from which valuable information could follow for you. The exercises are very different in nature, which always offers the opportunity to look at yourself in a different way.
4 x a painting afternoon
The guided intuitive painting course consists of 4 x a painting afternoon. These days can be divided if, for example, you stay in a gîte for a week. You can take a rest on the day after arrival. During four afternoons you will participate in an activity that focuses on intuitive drawing and painting. During the other intermediate days you can enjoy a nice holiday.
“Le Petit Ermite”
Jean en Monique Hendriks 
1000 Chemin d’Axat
11140 Lavagnac 
Tel: 0033-780540166 
During the afternoons you will receive guidance during painting and your work will be discussed afterwards. Participation is possible from 2 persons and the rate is then € 300 per person. If you stay in two gîtes with 4 people, the rate is € 225 per person. These amounts do not include the rental of the gîte.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
About Monique Hendriks...
I obtained my Bachelor degree of Social Work in 1994 and studied in Nijmegen at the “De Kopse Hof” Social Academy. During my studies I specialized in Creative Educational Work. During my time as a social pedagogical counselor, I provided creative activities for various groups.
Creativity can achieve growth in many areas and be very relaxing. It can make you more confident, discover things about yourself that you did not know and broaden your horizons.

During the courses I set up, you work with your head, heart and soul. Moreover, being creative gives an extra dimension to your life because it has a spiritual and meditative touch.
Below you can watch two videos. A general film and an example film in which an intuitive painting process is extensively depicted.