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General Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions 
GENERAL TERMS OF “Le Petit Ermite” – Hameau Lavagnac 
(written on 01-01-2019) -> see article 16 for the additional conditions that we apply in times of crisis (article added in April 2020) 
a. With each booking at Le Petit Ermite you agree to these terms. 
b. You can telephone or in writing (e-mail) book a holiday, both of the mentioned methods will be binding. 
c. The person who books a holiday spot at Le Petit Ermite is liable (also for all the others that he / she logs). 
d. If you are a minor, you need to have permission from a parent or guardian and provide information about this for verification reasons. 
e. Le Petit Ermite reserves the right to refuse bookings at any time – without giving reasons. 
f. Upon receipt your booking will be confirmed in writing within 10 days and be billed. You should check this confirmation and invoice upon receipt for accuracy. If there are inaccuracies, you should indicate this within ten days at our address. 
g. Laws about Distance Selling, particularly therein the cooling-off period of 14 days does not apply to the tourism industry because of the specific nature of the services provided. A booking can not be revoked on the basis of reflection. 
h. Le Petit Ermite calculates a deposit for reservations. If you book directly with us, you pay no booking fee. This may be different if you book through a booking site. 
i. We request that you pay a deposit of €50 for bookings made well in advance. This amount is equal to the reservation costs that we deduct from the total amount for a stay. In the event of a cancellation (apart from the cancellation costs), these reservation costs are non-refundable.
j. It is not allowed to transfer the rented to third parties. 
a. It is forbidden to travel with an expired passport or identity card. Having the right travel documents, is always your own responsibility. Le Petit Ermite can not be held responsible for it. 
b. You are responsible for taking out a travel and / or cancellation. Le Petit Ermite can not be held liable for damages that can or can not be recovered from such insurance. 
c. Anyone staying in the grounds of Le Petit Ermite needs to have a valid liability insurance. 
a. Le Petit Ermite reserves the right to change prices. Upon booking, you will be informed of the price applicable at that time. This is stated on the confirmation / invoice and is binding. 
b. If you book through an external booking-agency, prices can vary, these are sometimes slightly more expensive due to additional booking fee. You have no right to complain about the price if you have booked with us by an external agency. 
c. Mistakes or errors of a clerical regarding the accommodations offered by Le Petit Ermite are not binding Le Petit Ermite. Interim data changes can be made and still the price information on the website is leading at the time of booking at Le Petit Ermite. 
d. Rates are exclusive of tourist tax and include bed linen, towels and a final cleaning. 
a. The rental period starts on the day of arrival. 
The arrival time for the gîtes is after 14.30 and departure before 10.30. We like it when you tell us your expected arrival time in advance. 
b. Only after consultation we can deviate from these times, which then is only valid if it is recorded in writing. 
c. During the high season the gîtes are only rented out per seven consecutive days. Outside the high season a minimum rental period of three consecutive days applies. 
a. It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance. 
b. If you want to cancel, you must provide a written reasoned request to Le Petit Ermite. 
• If canceled more than 6 weeks before the rental period, you pay 50% of the total rent 
• If canceled later you pay 100% of the total rent. 
c. If you don’t pay on time Le Petit Ermite is entitled to cancel the booked gîte. In accordance with Article b of the cancellation down payment shall not be refunded. 
d. If any circumstance or a force majeure event occurs which forces Le Petit Ermite to cancel the booked gîte and an alternative is not accepted by the holiday guests, Le Petit Ermite will repay the rent you paid in advance, without payment of any damage then. 
e. If you have booked with us through a booking site and this booking is not completed for any reason whatsoever, Le Petit Ermite is entitled to charge you the costs of the commission charged by the intermediary.
f. In the event of cancellation, the € 50 that you have paid as a deposit is equal to the reservation costs that are usually deducted from the total amount of the booked holiday period. These reservation costs are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
a. Le Petit Ermite accepts NO liability in case of: 
– Theft, loss or damage of any kind, during or following a stay in our gîtes; 
– Accidents that occur on or around our property or at our accommodations; 
– Defective or inactivated equipment or technical failure or closure of facilities on the site; 
– Accidents on the ground or in our accommodation; 
– Injuries of any kind whatsoever caused to or by guests, their children or animals who move in or around by Le Petit Ermite rented gîtes. 
b. The use of all facilities is at the own risk of our guests. 
c. Guests are liable if they cause damage to the leased property, land and people moving on the ground. 
d. Each guest assumes the responsibility for the use of the site and for all the risks that nature, the barbecue or our accommodation can bring for them. 
e. Children should be supervised by their parents, and parents are also responsible for activities that children take around on our property. Le Petit Ermite accepts no responsibility for any children or responsibility for accidents that may occur on our site. 
f. If you make arrangements with a tour guide, Le Petit Ermite can not be held responsible when such arrangements result in a failure to comply. This also applies to external teachers who provide courses with which agreements have been made that are not complied with. 
 g. In the Pyrenees, a gusty wind can occur at times and therefore guests are explained at the start of the rental period that the doors of the rented house must be kept closed or secured with a hook when opened. Tenants are liable for damage to these doors, windows and the rented property if they act negligently in this regard.

a. Within ten days after invoicing, 50% of the invoice amount must be transferred, stating the invoice number, name and date of arrival. Upon receipt of your payment we will record your reservation. 
b. The 50% of the remaining amount must be paid at least 6 weeks prior to arrival. 
c. Guests who book within six weeks of arrival, need to pay the whole amount. 
d. When you not fulfill the obligation to pay the claim will be out of your hands and give a bailiff an order for the collection of the claim, all those extra associated costs will be recovered from the person who had booked. 
a. For all the gîtes we always make clear a maximum number of people that can use the particular gîte. It is not permitted that more people use the property. 
b. It is also not allowed to place tents, caravans or campers on the site, not only Le Petit Ermite does not allow it, but it is also not allowed due to a municipal regulation to keep the view beautiful from the monumental castle. Le Petit Ermite is in both cases entitled to refuse the additional tenants access to the rented property. 
c. Our location is not accessible for large vehicles, such as large buses and campers. If you are driving a large vehicle, please note that you can only park the vehicle in a parking lot in the beginning of the village and have to walk a few minutes to our location. 
In the gîtes you will find bed linen and towels, for which no additional fees will be charged. 
10. PETS 
Given the size of our accommodations and to not disturb the tranquility of other guests and nature, it is not allowed to bring a pet. 
There are animals living on the site. People with allergies should take this into account. 
 If you do bring a pet, that is a reason for us to cancel your reservation immediately.

a. Because many of our clients are vegetarians, a vegetarian barbecue corner is located on our property 
b. It is not allowed to bake meat or fish on the grill. 
c. In consultation you can make use of this barbecue. Please observe safety, we are not liable for any accidents. 
a. On departure you have to clean the gîte before you leave. Before leaving you must do the dishes and the clean dishes must be put back in the appropriate places. You pay no extra charge for our final cleaning, and because of that we expect you to leave the rented in a neatly condition. During our final cleaning we check that everything is clean. 
b. Should you choose not to commit with Article a. you need to inform us in advance and then we charge you a cleaning fee. 
a. The amount of the tourist tax is not part of the declared price of the stay. 
b. Tourist tax is collected by Le Petit Ermite and passed on to our guests. This tax amounts to a few euro’s per week per person. It is a charge that is always in motion and for which we calculate the rate at the time of your booking. 
14. OTHER 
a. Children should not cause inconvenience to other guests and may not bother the existing pets of the owners of the property. 
b. It is not allowed to smoke in our gîtes. In the open air on the property smoking is allowed. 
c. Le Petit Ermite does not allow weapons on the site. People who want to hunt in this region are therefore not welcome. 
d. Please note that we have no ATM machine and that all payments on the property need to be made in cash. 
e. Meals and drinks we serve at our Table d’Hotes need to be paid in cash at the end of the meal. 
f. When you book a stay at our property, we have your personal data. In the context of the European Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since 25 May 2018, we inform you that we need this information for the implementation of the agreement that you enter into with us when you rent a gîte from us. We keep your data for a few years. If you do not give us permission for this, you can make this known in writing. 
a. Despite our best efforts, you may feel that you have a legitimate complaint regarding your stay at ” Le Petit Ermite.” You must at all times report a complaint to the trustees, so it can be resolved on the spot. 
b. You have no right to complain when a force majeure situation occurs. An example of force majeure is if there is a temporary water outage or when the electricity fails, which in the French mountains that can happen every once in a while. Other examples are natural disasters, strikes, a lunging Internet, work taking place in the area as construction or roadwork. 
c. A premature exit from an accommodation of Le Petit Ermite, or the independent involvement of another house without prior consultation and mutual agreement, releases Le Petit Ermite also from any obligation for compensation. 
d. Le Petit Ermite is in any case maximal liable for the amount of the paid rent. Guests who book through us declare to agree with the fact that Le Petit Ermite never can be held liable for any consequential damages. 
e. If there are other disputes they will be submitted to a French court. 
16. Extra Condition regarding calamities and crises 
With regard to crisis situations (such as the Corona crisis), we apply the following conditions: 
a. By a crisis situation we mean: a crisis in which global, national or local travel bans apply, as a result of which you cannot travel to our place to celebrate holidays due to government regulations. 
b. If you have booked directly with “Le Petit Ermite” and a crisis occurs (as described under 16.a), or if you book directly with “Le Petit Ermite” while a crisis is underway and you are not sure travel the booked date, we use a free rebooking option. In that case, you can move your holiday week (within a period of one year after the crisis) to another time. If rates for the holiday accommodation are indexed in that new period, you can enjoy a holiday on our site at no extra cost, for just the agreed rate. You should keep in mind that this is only possible when there are no other reservations. 
c. Article 16.b therefore also applies to people who would like to book a holiday directly at “Le Petit Ermite” (at the time of the crisis) and hope that the crisis will be over at the time of their booking. So if the crisis is not over at that time, your stay can be moved free of charge to another date within one year after the crisis. You should keep in mind that this is only possible when there are no other reservations. 
d. If you have not booked directly with “Le Petit Ermite”, the conditions as described by the intermediary or operator that you used when booking apply. This may sometimes incur some additional costs for you regarding cancellation or rebooking. 
Le Petit Ermite, 1000 Chemin d’Axat, Hameau Lavagnac, 11140 Puilaurens-Lapradelle – N° Siret : 841.473.119.00011

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