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Qigong meetings, chanting and meditation provided by Laure
Our dear neighbor Laure Védrine is an experienced therapist in traditional Chinese medicine, she is also a Qi Gong teacher and she organizes Buddhist chant and meditation meetings. She has a practice at home where she provides acupuncture treatments. 
During your stay at Le Petit Ermite, you can make appointments with her for Qi Gong sessions, Buddhist chantings or to learn more about meditation techniques. In this way you can experience a number of inspiring day parts. (You can plan these appointments well in advance so that you can be sure that you can go to Laure.) 
Qi Gong is part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been studied in China for more than 2000 years. Its practice consists of series of slow and flexible movements, which improves the circulation of vital energy through correct posture, breathing and concentration. This makes it easier for you to adapt to the environment and relationships with others, but also provides imagination and creativity. It improves concentration, lowers the heart rate and is beneficial when you have stress because it promotes mental balance.
Laure uses different vocal chanting techniques. During an inner journey you can learn to let go and to listen and receive. 
It can be inspiring and deepening to give your holiday a Buddhist, Oriental touch. The activities can take place on the neighboring site of Laure or in her there established practice. Depending on the weather conditions, the forest also offers opportunities, and also lessons on the site of Le Petit Ermite are possible. You can participate in these activities solitary or with a group. 
Laure works by appointment on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. 
Laure speaks French. If you are interested in her activities, we can put you in touch with her.

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An indication of Laure’s rates:
Qi Gong session: € 80,- (with 1 participant you pay € 80,-, with 2 participants € 40,- each, with 4 participants € 20,- each) Sessions take place on Laure’s terrain or at Le Petit Ermite. 
Buddhist singing or meditation session: € 80,- (with 1 participant you pay € 80,-, with 2 participants € 40,- each, with 4 participants € 20,- each) Sessions take place on Laure’s terrain or at Le Petit Ermite. 
Acupuncture treatments in her practice (at her terrain next to ours): 
* Acupuncture treatment: € 50 
Acupuncture heals or relieves a wide range of ailments and diseases. It regards the body as a whole; so not only the symptoms of the disease are studied, but also the rest of the body. Laure is investigating what blocks or disrupts the circulation of Qi in the meridians. A good evaluation can take up to 1h30 and contains a detailed questionnaire. She uses thin, sterile disposable needles. Acupuncture has no negative side effects and is safe, even when you use medication. 
* Facelift by acupuncture: € 100 (Of which several sessions are needed to get results.) 
By strengthening the muscles of the skin and allowing the flow of energy, cell renewal is significantly improved and the skin is clearly regenerated. The skin then gets even more flexibility and elasticity. This method also improves the general condition of the skin.
About Laure...
Laure works in Lavagnac and also works in a center in Perpignan. She has taken various courses which you can read more about on her website: