Le Petit Ermite
Gîtes in Cathar country
Vegetarian takeaway; a dinner can also be
served in the garden or at the gîte
Guests can eat meat and fish dishes at the restaurants nearby. At our place you can optionally order a takeaway meal a few evenings a week, which can also be served in the garden or at the gîte. (We do not serve breakfast.) Vegetarian in our case means that we cook without meat or fish. We do cook with products such as eggs, cheese and milk.

On average, meals can be ordered about three times a week and we always communicate in advance what you can order.
Only guests who stay in a gîte on
our site can use this option.

Prices for a complete meal usually cost around € 17.50 per person. (If the vegetarian menu requires many adjustments for a guest with special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free or raw, this can be reported in advance and we will charge an extra €7.50 for this guest.
“Le Petit Ermite”
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