Le Petit Ermite
Gîtes in Cathar country
Lavagnac is a quiet and picturesque French village that is part of the municipality of Lapradelle-Puilaurens. From our location you have a direct view of Château de Puilaurens, one of the last Cathar strongholds and a protected monument since 1902. There is an application to make this pearl UNESCO heritage. It won the 2nd prize of the most beautiful illuminated castles in the whole of France.
Our terrain is located in the Pyrenees. Surrounded by hills and mountains, you drive or walk through one natural painting after another. Our plot borders the Forêt des Fanges, a 1000-hectare forest. From time immemorial this forest belonged to the French royal family. Stones carved with the fleur-de-lis can be found among the trees as reminders of ancient times. The forest is full of herbs and mushrooms, there are living several special animal species. Special trees in this forest produce extra oxygen and are currently being replanted elsewhere in France. Of course you will also find various vineyards in our area. You can swim in the rivers, 10 km away there is a large wildwater park and 16 km away you will find a specially landscaped natural pool. There is a tourist train you can use to make guided tours during the summer season which gives you the opportunity to discover special places and winemakers.
Our location is located close to many special sights, such as the mysterious Rennes-le-Château, the remarkable mountain of Bugarach and the old Ermitage de Saint-Antoine de Galamus. In these Pyrénées Méditerranées you can discover the history of the Cathars and at the same time taste the cozy Southern atmosphere. France takes good care of its heritage. The remnants of mystical orders that were established here, the spirituality that every stone breathes and the power of nature, attracts many people to celebrate their holidays in this particular area.
“Le Petit Ermite”
Jean en Monique Hendriks 
1000 Chemin d’Axat
11140 Lavagnac 
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